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Our Events

Throughout the year, the Sports Board organizes unique events that enrich the social life of Boğaziçi University.

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In our event, which has been held since 1980, universities from various parts of the world and Turkey compete in many different branches and experience an unforgettable festival life for 4 days.


Snowbreak is a traditional Boğaziçi University Winter Festival that offers our university students the opportunity to experience winter sports with the contributions of ski and snowboard teams. It is also the first winter festival held in Turkey.  Snowbreak hosted more than 500 Boğaziçi people for 4 days; It offers an unforgettable experience to its participants with tournaments in 5 different branches, opening and closing ceremonies, professional and amateur races and night events.



Boğaziçi University Sports Awards bring together the best athletes, teams and sports people of the year, determined by the votes of Boğaziçi University students; It is held with the participation of successful and famous figures of the Turkish sports community and receives wide coverage in both national and international sports press.


 Our event, where details about different branches of sports and related sectors are discussed from A to Z, has the distinction of being Turkey's first and only inter-university Sports Summit.
As Boğaziçi University Sports Board, we bring together experts from different branches of sports and sports fans with the Sports Summit, which we organized for the first time in 2018.



"The first athletics race in Turkish sports history"
Field Day Athletics Days have been attended by people from abroad and all over Turkey since 1898.
amateur and professional
athletes; running races, shot put,
high throw, javelin throw
home to matches in their branches
It hosts .

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